The most sought after activity in Pedasi is surfing because of the several breaks in the area. Playa Venao is the most famous local surfing spot in Panama and is only 30 minutes away from the town. It has hosted World Surfing Championships and is considered among the surfing community as a great spot because of its all around versatility.


Pedasi is also known as the “Tuna Coast”, offering great fishing year-round and seasonal.

  • Amberjack – Seriola rivoliana
  • Pacific sailfish – Istiophorus platypterus
  • Cubera snapper – Lutjanus cyanopterus
  • Roosterfish – Nematistius pectoralis
  • Dorado – Coryphaena hippurus, commonly called mahi-mahi, or dolphinfish
  • Bigeye tuna – Thunnus obesus
  • Yellowfin tuna – Thunnus albacares
  • Wahoo – Acanthocybium solandri


Isla Iguana is an island wildlife refuge located off the coast of the Azuero Peninsula, surrounded by an extensive coral reef and white sandy beaches. The island houses more than 65 bird species, several reptiles, 12 types of coral, a variety of over 200 species of fish, rays, eels, sea turtles, and humpback whales. Its well-preserved coral reef is 500 years old and 136-acre, attracting visitors for its great snorkeling.