Pedasi offers an exuberant biodiversity and many ecotourism attractions: from bird watching, sea turtle spawning, to hump back whale watching.

This region of Panama is rich with natural vegetation and wildlife. The Azuero Peninsula supports such large populations of marine life it is often refered to as the “tuna coast” and nearby “Refugio de Vida Silvestre Isla de Cañas” is a unique place in Panama where along its 14 kilometers of beach, some 30,000 sea turtles nest annually. The spawning season begins in June and can go through November and each turtle can lay 85 to 95 eggs in a single night, recieving more nesting turtles than any other location on the Pacific Coast. On dry land, much of the original dry tropical forests have been cleared for cattle production, leaving fragmented secondary growth forest behind. However, many initiatives are underway to return some of the landscape to its former condition, including a restoration project at the “Achotines Laboratory” in Pedasi.


Beautiful native flora and fauna include Madroño trees, sea turtles, golden-mantled howling monkey, eagles, whale watching.

Pedasi is the permanent home of frigate birds, multiple species of coral fish and invertebrates, and the migratory place of the humpback whale.

  • Bird watching – Year round
  • Whale Watching – June to September
  • Sea turtle spawning – July to November